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DAQCard 6024E single ended data collection on 16 channels

I have a DAQCard 6024E that I just purchased and am trying to set it up in my VI to collect data on 16 analog channels. It works on channels 0 to 7 but I can't get it to work on the upper 8 channels. I used the same VI for a DAQPad 6020E and it worked but when I set it up for the PCMCIA 6024E, it gives me a configuration error. How do I correct this?
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Cappy...double check the device in Measurement and Automation Explorer. It certainly sounds as though your 6024E is configured for differential mode. To correct this, launch MAX, expand the Devices and Interfaces Directory, locate your device, highlight and right click. Choose properties. There will be several tab views. Choose the tab "AI". Within this tab, you should see that you are still configured for differential mode (default). Select referenced or non-referenced single ended mode and you should have access to the remaining channels.
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