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Custom scale inoperative in accelerometer task

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And just to clarify, I created a Voltage task that was setup almost identical to your acceleration task, and ran it and the values scaled as expected.  That being said, there should be nothing wrong with your code or how you are scaling it (unless there is something wrong with the scale you have created).  You can find the 9.3 drivers here.





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I have a similar problam running on the Same module (NI 9234) . I configrued the module  and im getting data corectly. i want to put the data from the modul on a graph.The problem is that i make some modification on the data and after the modification i cannot put two vectors correctly on a graph.There are two vectors one contains Amplithude and another the time.But they are two separate vectors.

Example code (im using matlscript code): Faf = f(:;1) ; t=0:length(Faf)-1 how can i put Faf and t on the same plot. f shpuld be Y and t should be X on the graph not to separate graphs.

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My apologies. I thought I had responded to this topic with a solved status. The update to NI-DAQ v9.3 fixed the scaling problem. As for your problem, Zsurzsa, I think you need to use an XY graph. You will need to create a cluster to connect to the XY graph. The first terminal would be connected to your time array and the second terminal would be connected to your amplitude array. This will result in one data plot.

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Please can you give me a sample VI if you have time, if not this answer is a great help for me because i tried a lot of thinks.


Thank you very much.

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I have attached an example. It acquires data as a Waveform, generates time and amplitude arrays, and displays them on an XY graph. You should be able to change the Create Channel instance from AI Voltage to Accelerometer to use your NI 9234. Don't forget to try NI Example Finder to come up with solutions (from LabVIEW: Help > Find Examples). I did a search on XY and came up with 14 examples. Not all of them will be useful, but some might.

Phillip Neir
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It's almost the good but i have a math script you now and i generate FFT and separatly another function i want them to scale at the same size and put them on two diferent graphs but the problem lies in the fact that i get 2 array (a FFT and a time vector) and 2 array for the second graph.I cannot modifiemy VI to get the write output.Sadly the NI modul isn't next to me right now.Please look at the attackment i want a signal just like signal 1, the dynamic type or somthing similar and i need to convert signal 2 in to a 1D signal just i said before.


Thanks , and im apreciating help realy much 

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after i finished this task can i move too the step that you showed me.

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