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Configuring SCXI-1122 and SCXI-1160

Before the start of this week, I had never seen a SCXI chassis or used a DAQ cards.
(Only GPIB with IVI and VISA)

LabView 6i

We are useing the SCXI-1160 to extend the SCXI to 32 Analog Inputs controled by the PCI-MIO-16E-1.

In MAX "Data Neighborhood", I have the SCIX-1122 channels set for Analog Input and the SCIX-1160 relays setup for Digital I/O. All this works.

1. Switch the 1160 via the DAQ board Digital I/O Channel.
2. Switch the 1122 via the DAQ board Analog Input Channel
3. Take readings.

Pretty good having only unpacked the equipment on Monday (today is Wednesday).

But ......
Can I map the SCIX-1160 some how in MAX (or else where) to the input channels of the S
CIX-1122 so that the DAQ board thinks it has 32 Analog Input Channel (CH0 to CH31)? Or more if I use more 1160's

Or do I have to do something in NI-Switch?

Jim Dailey
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When you use the SCXI modeules at multiplex mode, all channels of all modules are being multiplexed to channel 0 of the DAQ board, so, you will need to connect only one SCXI module to the DAQ board and all the other modules can be read by the DAQ board. Then, you don't need any special mapping in order the DAQ board to see all the channels of your SCXI system. Take a look at the scxi User Manual, and search for the string which you can use to test each channel of your system in MAX->Test Panel.
Hope this helps.
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