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Configure a current clamp

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I have a fluke model 80i-110S Current clamp which I want to acquire an analogue signal from.


I have a NI-BNC-2111 interface hooked into a PXI 6289 DAQ card. 


I have verified that my current clamp is outputting 100 mv / amp of current


I have used LabViews DAQ assistant to configure a channel and I do not seem to be getting the expected response from the DAQ card. 


My Voltage input channel is configured as listed below


I am trying to read a voltage input between -10 to 10 V using a 1 Sample (on Demand) Acquisition Mode.  I have cycled through all available terminal configurations however none of them seem to be accurately recording the input voltage.


Is there something I am missing on with the configuration of this channel?  When I tried to create a channel to record system voltage in conjunction with current the X Y plots seem to diverge from each other.



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Hello smoothdurban,


Since your current clamp is outputting 100mV/A, it is actually working as a resistance of 100m Ohm (R=V/I=100mV/1A=100mOhm).  Therefore, my suggestion would be to create an Analog Input Current task in your DAQ Assistant, set your shunt resistor to 100m, and configure your minimum and maximum current. This way you would be recording the current directly.

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