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Can't configure a SCXI chassis (PXI-1010) with a PXI-8176 and a PXI-6052E.

I have a PXI-1010 chassis with a PXI-8176 running Windows 2000. In the rightmost PXI slot, I have a PXI-6052E. The remaining PXI slots are either empty or have misc. modules in them. I have a SCXI-1520 in the leftmost SCXI slot.

I am trying to get MAX to recognize my SCXI chassis with the SCXI-1520. When I try to add the SCXI chassis in MAX by right-clicking "Devices and Interfaces" or "NI-DAQmx", I leave the communication mode to communicate on the PXI backplane, choose SCXI slot zero, and find that the communication device field is greyed out where I want to choose the PXI-6052E. For some reason,the wizard used to add an SCXI chassis does not see my PXI-6052E pluged in to the leftmost sl
ot. Strangely, MAX does see the PXI-6052E in the "Devices and Interfaces" tree. I verified that the 6052E is working correctly. I also verified that the pxisys.ini file is in the WINNT directory. What is the problem?
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The RH Slot in the 1010 chassis is dedicated (you have no choice) to control the SCXI modules - hence, you do not need to associate a particular DAQ device to control that SCXI chassis. Hence, you will not have the option to choose the DAQ device to communicate with the SCXI modules.
I am sorry, it is not clear to me, does the SCXI module appear as a "device" in MAX? Did you "auto-detect" on the SCXI modules? Have you tried to add the modules manually?
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I am first trying to install the SCXI chassis using the SCXI 1520 user manual. I put a PXI-6052E in the right-most PXI slot and the SCXI 1520 in a SCXI slot. On page 1-12 of the SCXI-1520 user manual, it instructs me to power up the chassis, right-click on MAX "devices and interfaces", choose the correct chassis, and click finish. The problem is, after I click finish, a window appears that forces me to choose a DAQ device. The SCXI chassis doesn't configure correctly because the wizard doesn't see the PXI-6052E.
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I found the solution. The PXI-1010 was not configured correctly. Thanks everyone.
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