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Can SCXI-1540 8 ch LVDT Module cater to 8 lvdts or just one

Good day. Ni engineers,I am writing this to inquire about NI SCXI-1540 and lvdt instrumentation.
I am a graduate student in Rock mechanics lab of Texas A&M Universtiy.
in our lab, we have purchased a few CD 375 Series minature lvdt produced by
these lvdts will be used to measure rock sample deformation/strain.
We are interested in using NI SCXI-1540 for lvdt daq.
my question is :  can NI SCXI-1540 cater to 8 lvdts or just one lvdt? since it is a 8-channel lvdt input module.
Thank you very much.
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Hi Yawei,


The SCXI-1540 is indeed an 8-channel signal conditioning module, meaning you can measure up to 8 channels with it.


The only thing you need to be sure of is that the data acquisition device you are using to acquire the signals from the 1540 has the capability to acquire at least 8 channels.  Many of our DAQ cards to feature 8 or more channels, but this is something to consider.




Paul Davidson
National Instruments
Senior Business Manager - Web Product Documentation
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Thank you very much for the clarification, Paul.

have a nice day,

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