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Can I use SCC-A10 module with PCI 6122?

Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to use the SCC-A10 Voltage Attenuator module with the PCI-6122 DAQ device. In the data sheet, it says the module can be used with M, E and some of the R series devices but S series is not mentioned. And it seemed to me that it is not possible to do so but I want to be sure.
Thanks in advance
Eren Aydin
Software Engineer
TDG, Turkey
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Hi Fred,

S-Series data acquisition devices are not supported by SCC because of physical incompatibility. S-Series boards are not compatible because they can only measure signals in pseudodifferential or differential mode, depending on the model. Because the SCC architecture require signals to be measured in NRSE (Non-Referenced Single Ended) mode, S-Series boards are not even supported in software and cannot even be added to an SCC carrier in MAX.

However, one alternative to using SCC carriers with your S-Series data acquisition cards is to use SCXI hardware. Because SCXI modules can perform analog input in differential mode, they do not share the same physical limitations as SCC carriers. Currently, SCXI hardware is fully compatible with S-Series boards when using DAQmx 7.5 or higher and is configured in parallel mode.

Please post back if you have any questions. Have a great day!

Ryan D.
District Sales Manager for Boston & Northern New England
National Instruments
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