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Can I hook up a TBX-1303 to a SCXI-1141?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question...


I want to use an SCXI-1141 to make some really small voltage measurements.  The only terminal block that I have is the TBX-1303.  Can I connect the two to do this?





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Hi mvilla,


This is a great board to post your question. Unfortunately, you cannot use the SCXI-1141 with the TBX-1303. The TBX-1303 is designed for thermocouple measurements and can be used with the SCXI-1102B/C, SCXI-1100, or SCXI-1181. You can use the SCXI-1141 with the SCXI-1304 or SCXI-1305. Here is a great document about terminal blocks to help you with your future decisions.


SCXI Terminal Blocks:



Anna L

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National Instruments
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