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Analogue input card Sample rate [aggregate]

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Regarding the NI9201 8 channel 0-10v input card specification (or any card for that matter]....


what is meant by 'Sample rate (Aggregate)? 


I plan to use a NI9201 with a cRIO 9040 chassis (i am a beginner)



Also, what is meant by 'Single channel' and 'Scanning' modes?

How are the sample rates affected and are there any definitive calculations to tell me what the maximum sample rate is if i have, say, all 8 analogue inputs channels reading data?





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Hi udtwmc1.


Aggregate sampling means that the sample rate is shared between the inputs, i.e. if you use just 1 channel, the max sample rate would be 800k S/s, using 2 channels would be 400 kS/s per channel, 4 channels would be 200 kS/s etc. It relates to the analog-to-digital convertor. This should help and theres an equation at the bottom:



This might help for the sample modes: . Theres some explanations at the bottom of the page under the headings: Scan and Interval Scanning.

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