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+5V Power Source NI-6733

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I am working quite a while with an analog output module NI-6733 and I didn't have any problems so far. Now I'd like to power en external circuitry with the +5V on pin 8 or 14. According to the datasheet the +5V power source is able to drive up to 1A . The circuit isn't to complex, just an opamp as a voltage follower. When the circuit is connected the voltage breaks down to roughly 2 volts. I also checked the behavior with a resistive load of 15k which should draw a maximum of 330µA. In that case the voltage decreases even further down to approx. 200mV. Another test with NI-6358  in the same chassis showed a proper behavior. Do you have any idea what could be the reason for that?



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Don't know where you read that you can drive up to 1A; from the specs I get the following:


Those voltage outputs are good for a reference only not to provide power to circuits.

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oops, my mistake, I was thinking you where refering to the Analog Outputs of the device.

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What do you measure on Pin 8 and 14 with respect to any of the DGND?

If you don't measure 5V with no load, it is highly possible that something is damaged on your board.

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Yeah right I was referring to the +5V power output. It can source up to 1A.

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Thanks for the reply. Indeed the fuse was broken. I had to replace it. It is easy to find on the board. Actually I supposed to find a poly switch but it was a simple fuse. 

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