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VI Tree is password protected

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Hi There,

I was testing out the new SQLiteVIEW toolkit (v1.0.0.38) and was surprised that the VI Tree was password protected, especially since it's a public VI of the library.

VI Tree - Password Protected.png

Was this intentional or an oversight?



BTW: Great job packaging this up with VIPM.  I like the integration with the LabVIEW 2010 add-on activation manager.

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Accepted by topic author Jim_Kring

Hi Jim,

Actually, this is both intentional and due to an oversight.

This intentional because in the state of the "development" of the VI tree, I think he won't be helpful for end-user.

This is an oversight because, as you notice, it's a public VI, so if I don't want to expose it I should not add it to the package.

Questions related to yours

  • If I want to add a VI Tree to an add-on, were it would be the best place in LabVIEW ? in the function palette, in examples, in an other place ?
  • Do you think VI tree can be helpful for end-user ?



Olivier Jourdan

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Hi Olivier,

Thanks for the info.  I would just make the VI Tree "private", if end users are not intended to be able to access it. (Since this will hide it in the library, since the library is locked.)

If you do want to make it available to end users, I do like putting it in the functions palettes (as is commonly done for instrument drivers).  I do think that they can be helpful, if organized properly.

That said, the value of a VI Tree is somewhat diminished, now that VIPM makes it so easy to get VIs in the palettes and install examples.  So, maintaining a VI Tree can be a bit redundant.

I'm sort of on the fence...



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