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Pre-trigge​ring multiple PXI-6133 cards using a PXI-6651

Hi All,

I have been having a few issues trying to use the PXI_Star trigger to trigger multiple PXI-6133 cards using a PXI-6651 timing card.

See forum post:

I was just wondering if anyone on here had any ideas?

I have my code working now using the PXI_Trig0 and PXI_Trig1 lines in a single task, but never managed to get it to work with the PXI_Star trigger lines and would like to know how, mainly just for peace of mind and completeness!

Thanks for looking!


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Hi Sarah,

Did my suggestions help the other day?



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Hi Laurence,

Unfortunately not, Ash has forwarded my problem to NI's UK support, so hopefully I'll get some more suggestions soon.

Thanks for having a look anyway,


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