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Reference Design Template <replace with name of the reference design>

This template may be used for new Reference Design entries on the Reference Design Portal.


<add a left aligned picture/graphic if possible> <provide a short summary>



<description of the reference design including common applications and uses cases>



<provide description and screenshots of any examples included in the reference design or examples of using the reference design in an application>



 <include link(s) to additional documentation such as tutorials, manuals, other pages on, model page on LV Tools Network, etc.>



<list any software, hardware and driver requirements for this reference design>



  • <include application software with minimum version>
  • <include toolkits with minimum version>
  • <include drivers with minimum version>
  • <include other reference designs with minimum version and link>


  • <include description of hardware if applicable> 


<attach the installer, typically a VI package to this document, or provide a link to another document where it is located or the direct link to the VI package in the LV Tools Network VIPM repository>



<add comments and notes about new features and changes in the recent releases>


Support and Feedback

<encourage user to add questions and feedback as comments below or provide link to another support forum>

authored by
Christian L, CLA
Principal Systems Engineer - Partner and Ecosystem Development - National Instruments
Any attached Code is provided As Is. It has not been tested or validated as a product, for use in a deployed application or system, or for
use in hazardous environments. You assume all risks for use of the Code, and use of the Code is subject to the Sample Code License.

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