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ws2_32.dll not available on NI Phar Lap ETS RTOS

Dear community members,


I have compiled a 3rd party simulation code into NI-compatible DLL format through the use of Simulink S-function. But I have failed to load this DLL onto my RT target.


Running DLL Checker 2018 reveals that it depends on ws2_32.dll, which is not readily available in my RTOS system.


Another thread on the forum seems to indicate that "NI does not support the WinSock2 API in its Real-Time platform." as of 2013. Is this still true? or are there ways around this?


The dependency on ws2_32.dll seems to root from the 3rd party simulation software. At the moment I am figuring out with them whether I could rid this dependency. But if there is anyone had a similar experience or had a solution I could try, I am all ears!


I am running NI PXI system operating on NI Phar Lap ETS RTOS + RT Module 2018.


Appreciate any comments/pointer!



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