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wiring problem with NI9217

I want to measure the current on the four channels of NI9227 module. In my circuit I used 4 reais of 24 V, 4 power supply of 24 V and a 4 resistances of 220V the power 5W.I want someone to tell me if the wiring scheme is true or false

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I'm not completely sure about some of those specs - your resistors should be measured in ohms instead of volts. You said you use 4 reais of 24V, what is a reai? I'm also not sure what the attached diagram goes to, as I don't know anything about these J1 connections or what device is diagramed here.


I assume your goal is to have four channels, each one with a power supply, a resistor, a channel of the 9227, and a channel of whatever device you have diagramed. If this is true, you need four separate circuits. Each one should be a series combination of each of these devices/channels.



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Your diagram doesn't really make sense, but from what I can gather you're using/want to use a 24v power supply into a 24v input relay, which in turns allows 220v to your device with a resistor inline. The output from this device is then measure with the NI 9227.


What's the issue?

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