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what is the DAQ resolution

I output 1.00v analog value on one analog channel and acquire it immediately. But the value I got is 1.0045. I wonder how I can determine the error tolerance of the DAQ borad.
The DAQ borad I use is PXI 6030. Resolution is 16 bit.
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The online Accuracy Calculator was setup to
address this type of question:

The accuracy you can expect will be improved by averaging your readings, using a range that most tightly fits your signal, and calibrating your board often.
You should have an external calibration performed on your device at least once a year.

You can also
perform an internal self-calibration as often as you like. Here is a KnowledgeBase entry about self-calibration in LabVIEW.
The link to the Application Note talks about
self-calibration using NI-DAQ functions.
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