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voltage sweep in number of loops using Keithley 6487 picoammeter


1. I want to take current measurement in Keithley 6487 picoammeter by varying the voltage from zero to maximum positive voltage then to maximum negative voltage and back to zero in loops.

Can I modify the attached vi "Keithley 648X Series Voltage Sweep" ?

2. I want to take current-time measurement at a fixed voltage.

Can anyone please provide me with the vi codes for taking the two above-mentioned measurements at the earliest.

It will be a great help if you reply at the earliest.  


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FYI, you posted this on the wrong forum. Maybe this forum would be better? I'll give you a head start to what they'll ask: Have you tried making multiple copies of "configure measurement" and "read" and putting them in a loop? For #2, one option would be to use "Measure Current" in a loop that runs every n ms. 

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