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use usb 3 camera in real time on PXIe-8840

Hi everybody,

I need to use in RT an usb 3 camera installed on a PXIe-8840.

When I directly work on the PXI in windows (no RT), the MAX correctly recognize the camera and I can use it in LabView. But when I work in RT (with labview real-time 19.0) through an host pc, the MAX does not see the usb 3 camera on the target.

I installed on the target the NI-IMAQdx driver, but there I only see the "GigE version camera support". Anyone knows if there is any possibility, or any other driver I should install, to use an usb 3 camera on PXI platforms in Real Time?

Thank you

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I don't believe USB3 Vision camera in NI LinuxRT is supported unfortunately.

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I was trying to do the same. Did you find a way to do it?

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no, apparently there is no way with an usb camera. GigE camera is the only solution

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