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to Control a Crio trhoug another Crio?

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so far I've only programmed  Crios directly connected to the computer (with FPGA or scan mode).   


So I would like to ask if I can  do something like this? 


I Will have a Computer (HMI) and two Crios 9045 (master and slave).


The conection from HMI to Crio master will be a ethernet cable.

The conection from Crio master to  Crio slave will be a 50 meters optcal fiber (using ehternet to optic fiber and optic fiber to ethernet conversors, to make the conections to the Crios).


The Crio slave will have aquistions (AIs/ DIs) modules and comands(DOs) modules.

The Crio master will save all the data and make the link btween HMI and Crio slave.


This would be my first time trying something like this, and the equipments still hasnt been bought yet, so I am asking just  to be sure, will something like this work? 



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Yes, it will work just fine.  You just communicate using TCP or Network Streams, just like you would with the HMI.

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I'll be making my order to buy the equipments today then.

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