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Real-Time Measurement and Control

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sbRIO Wireless Connection

I have an sbRIO-9632 board and understand that this can be integrated with a Wireless LAN (WLAN) serial port adapter module OWSPA311g from ConnectBlue.  I belive this application will support my needs to collecd analog inputs and display the data wirelessly at a nearby Laptop through Labview.  My question is that I am not sure what steps/configuraiton or any other hardware that is needed to do this at the Laptop end.  Any help/guidnace would be greatly appreciated.




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What kind of AI are you doing? Do you have infrastructure between you and the sbRIO (i.e. an intranet, etc.)? 



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Right now all I have is the board.  I am tyring to find out what else I need.  Its a vauge response but I am new to this.


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That's fine. I'll be interested to know what you're doing as you learn more.



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