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sbRIO 9626/9636 connection to CompactRIO modules?

I'm currently working with an sbRIO 9632 with a 9263E bare board which adds 4 ports of AO.  I'm looking to change to the sbRIO 9636 board, but can't find anything posted about adding additional AO channels or CRIO modules in general.


I see four ten 0.1" spaced pin connectors on the board.  Do these let me connect my sbRIO to C-RIO module bare boards?


If not, what about the RMC connector on the 9626? 


How do I get more than 4 analog out on the new 9626/9636's without spinning my own board?



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Hi sockansa,


C Series modules are compatible. With the casing they are slightly larger so you need to be aware of that when configuring your system. Here is a link that goes into detail about this topic.




Josh B

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National Instruments
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Thanks, but I did already see that page.  You'll note that the sbRIO-9636 is not listed... probably because it hasn't been released yet.  However, NI is accepting orders (like mine), but I need to know if I can connect it to the compact rio modules because I need 6 to 8 analog out and the sbRIO boards only offer 4. 


On the page you referenced, the modules are connected with a 15 pin VGA looking connector, however, the 9636 does not have have even one:


I see some 10 pin 0.1" spaced connectors and thought perhaps those were the connectors, but since there is so little documentation online, I haven't been able to figure out if I can add more analog out channels w/o spinning my own board.


Let me know if you need further clarification.




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Hi David,

Currently (and when the first sbRIO-9636 boards ship) we will not have a way to connect C series modules to the latest generation devices. I would encourage you to talk to your local field engineer to discuss your needs and goals and determine how to best achieve them. It may make sense for your local engineer to contact the corporate team to give feedback to the design team and check for a path to meet your needs.

National Instruments

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Hi... I've the same problem. I don't know how can I to connect the C series Modules with sb-Rio 9626... do you have any answer for that?


the C series modules have db15 connector and the sbRio???




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I only have the sbRIO 9636 & 9632 (older).  The older 9632 has the C series connectors, but the 9636 does not.  NI says that maybe by year end there will be some DAC boards that can plug into the board, but right now you'd have to fabricate & code your own if you need DAC channels.  It's nice that it has usb & SD reader, but 4 analog outs is a bit lean IMO.

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