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‘sbRIO-9223’ analog input module comparability with CompactRIO Single-Board Controller (sbRIO-9627)


I want to connect the ‘sbRIO-9223’ analog input module with CompactRIO Single-Board Controller (sbRIO-9627), initially seems that everything is ok but ‘CompactRIO Single-Board Controller Module Compatibility’ table ( doesn’t contain the ‘sbRIO-9223’ entry.

Kindly confirm that is ‘sbRIO-9223’ analog input module compatible with CompactRIO Single-Board Controller (sbRIO-9627)?    


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Hi leadstechnology,


That module will be compatible with the sbRIO 9627. Generally with C Series modules and sbRIOs, you'll just want to make sure you have the 'sbRIO version' of it (without the metal casing) and that you sbRIO controller supports C series modules.


Using a CompactRIO Single-Board Controller (sbRIO) with C-Series Modules



Jiwhan S.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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