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sampling frequency for sinusoidal analog input using

Hello everybody 

could you help me please  ... 

I'm using cRIO-9063 along with NI-9225 (3-CH +/-300V Analog Input ) to simply show sinusoidal waveform directly from the network , I made a project for this purpose but it dosn't work properly, so I used a signal generator to reduce the frequency so it's work properly on 10 Hz but not 50 Hz
I got this waveform, any one can help please, I'll be thankful  !


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If you post your whole code, that would help people on the forums know what you're doing. There is no indication here of what the rate your loop is running at, also what your scan engine period is. Also, what the time scale is on your graph. Please post your code so that we can help you more fully.


Also, what are you doing to generate this signal, is it just a signal generator on the benchtop?

Connor W.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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many thanks for the reply 

this is very simple project to show the sinusoidal waveform of the network using analog voltage slot connecting with transformer 

I used Waveform Chart as real time presentation connected with analog input using while loop and wait function with numeric control to control the count (Ticks), I tried 90 and 70 ... many cases . but it doesn't work .

if you can help me with simple code to show the signal I'll be thankful 




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There is an example in the example finder for LabVIEW called "Analog Input - Getting Started - Scan Mode.lvproj" This is an example of how to use the scan interface with analog input. It also has notes on the block diagram of the vi to explain what everything does. You may have to change the module and the scan interface variables to your module, but that should work for you as a starting point.

Connor W.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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thank you very much 
I hope this work properly I'll try it and let you know 





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