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reentrant subvi



In the labview fpga code for fm mod/demod, we are using a ' lowpass filter ' subvi which is calling by 2 blocks the input signal is passed through a ' FXP SIN & COS block.These 2 o/ps are connected separately to ' lowpass filter ' subvi.So when compiled,this made the error as " multiple instances of reentrant subvis in the single cycle timed loop"..So i changed the vi properties--> execution--> reentrant...and so the error has gone...But again there is an error like "multiple objects are requesting access to a resource through a resource interface configured with the " arbitrate if multiple requestors only option,which is only supported in the single-cycle timed loop if there is only a single requestor per interface"(in the subvi, am using a memory element,that's why the error)...So i put the options,' never arbitrate' ,' always arbirtrate ' in the arbirtrate options which comes under properties of the memory element.But again it shows error.How can i resolve the problem? anybody can help me?pls reply..


thanks ...

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