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I'm trying to learn real time task execution. Is there a way I could help myself visualize the execution of real time tasks using this toolkit? Can we simulate scheduling algorithms using this toolkit? 

And one more help what I'm in need of is the resources to learn this toolkit. 

Please help me with information. 


Thank you.


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Hi sivaguru,


The Execution Trace Toolkit makes it so that you can graphically view the threads that run on your Real-Time operating system.


When you say that you want to "simulate scheduling algorithms," I don't really understand what you want to do?  Do you want to programatically schedule threads?  (This is done automatically.)  If you have multiple computer cores, there is a way to designate certain cores for certain tasks.  (i.e. You can designate one core to only run operating system threads while you designate another core to run your other threads.)


As far as learning the basics of using the Execution Trace Toolkit, check out these articles.  (Exercise 1: Create and Debug a Real-Time Project and Application)  (LabVIEW Real-Time Execution Trace Toolkit 2.0.1 Readme)  (LabVIEW Execution Trace Toolkit 2.0 Help)  (LabVIEW Execution Trace Toolkit User Guide)


I hope this helps,

Kevin S.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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