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priority testing


hi friends,

i am doing my project in chimes signal (it means warning signal in car)automation.

consider two signals one is higher priority another one is lower priority. now the  lower priority signal is playing ,if higher priority signal comes ,it should suppress the  lower priority signal and  playing the higher priority signal.

like that i have 25 different priorities signal. how to test all the cases...

please give me the suggestion for doing the task..

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You need to provide more information. How have you setup the whole system? What kind of hardware are you using? Posting VIs would help in getting a faster response.
Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Hi AdanZ:

I have the same question as psuresh,I prepare to test the chime signals by using PXI-4462 card,is it possible to do so?if it does,can you give me some advices how to test the chime signals,thank you very much!

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FYI, this is a forum about real time systems. I'm not sure that applies here. It's also not clear how you'll induce or detect the chimes. Like, is it just testing an ECU and you can immediately detect what chime is playing? It's also not clear what's difficult about your testing? Is it just how many combinations there are? Is it audio signal detection?

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Hi nanocyte:

yes,you are right,the ECU will play one chime at a time,and I have to judge if the right chime is playing or not.I use a DSA card PXI-4462 to acquire the chime signal.but it is diffcult for me to analysize the signal,I don't know what parameters should I use to identify different signals.Here I attach four .wav files which I acquired with different chime,and you can use "Read .wav"to read the wav file.

Also,I will make it more easier to understand.For example,if the ECU is playing Chime "Beep(750Hz)",I have to acquire the chime signal and judge if it is "Beep(750Hz)" playing,not other chime is playing.That is what I want,very appreciated for your help!Smiley Happy

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It looks like you are more interested in the analysis than the stimulus. I can think of a couple options. You can either try and detect certain features (eg the frequency vs time using a spectrogram) or if your signals are repeatable enough you might be able to manually clip one chime and use convolution/pattern matching to find the best match.

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Hope I can handle signal analsis at last ,keep working on it... 

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