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niDMM_Read on 4082 too slow on windows 10



I'm using a 4082 card in tandem with a 6363 DAC and I'm having issues when reading in a loop. On windows 7, reading 100 values takes about a second. On windows 10 the same code that reads the card takes almost 12 seconds. This timeouts the DAC and also the DMM and the array contains close to zero values. Has anyone else encountered the same issue?



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Hi @CaptainBob,


This forum is intended for questions about NI real time targets and LabVIEW Real Time.


You may get a better response posting to the PXI forum. There seem to be a number of DMM related questions there.


Information you should provide includes what development environment (and version) the application was created in (LabVIEW, C, C#?).



David C
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It is probably your implementation of code and not the DMM by itself, please see if you can reproduce the issue with one of the DMM example VIs, if not, it is definitely your implementation.


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