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Real-Time Measurement and Control

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labview realtime applicatino deployment problem

I created a VI on my SBRIO 9632 board. But, whenever I try to run it a
error comes up that says -

Calculating dependencies...
Checking items for conflicts. This operation could take a while...
Preparing items for download. This operation could take a while...
Deploying Practice Project 1.lvproj
Deploying SBRIO-9632-Tsakalis(

successfully deployed target settings)
Deploying Practice
Deploying SIM SISO Transfer Function.ctl (2.84 K)
Deploying SIM Transfer Function Distributor (SISO).viSIM Transfer Function
Distributor (SISO).vi loaded with errors on the target and was closed.
LabVIEW:  Failed to load shared library
NILVSim.*:SIM_SISOTransferFunctionIndirectDistributor:C on RT target
Deployment completed with errors

I am using labview 2009 with real-time module and I have NI-rio 3.5.1

Also, if i copy the VI to my computer and run the VI from there it works
So, im guessing its got something to do with the software installed on the
SBRIO board
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Hi Ashfaque,


The error you're seeing is most likely because the VI uses the Control Design and Simulation module, but that module is not installed on your Single-Board RIO.  This KnowledgeBase article has some relevant information:  Failed to Load Shared Library NILVSim.* on a Real-Time Target Device.


You should be able to fix the problem by using the Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to install the Control Design and Simulation module onto your Real-time controller.  Please reference this article for instructions on how to do so: Installing Software on Real-Time (RT) Series PXI Hardware.  Although that KnowledgeBase is about PXI controllers, you can install the Single-Board RIO software the same way.



Morgan S

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Thank you so much for the reply Morgan. It was a big help.

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I am still having one more problem. Now I can build and download the application to the SBRIO board but immediately after the download an error shows up saying that communications with the board has been disconnected. Then I have to go back to project explorer, right cilck on the board and click connect to see the results. Is that natural? if not, how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for your help

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