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interval scanning

I am using a DAQcard 1200 to acquire data from hardware.I have configure the the acquisition using the hardware time.This is to allow a faster sampling timing.Now the the rate is around 3-4 ms for 1000 samples and i need it to be down to 1 ms.What i used was the AI config vi, AI start VI and so on to make the acquisition acquire data through the hardware time instaed of the software time.
The problem is this:Is there a way to acquire data from the analog input and at the same time the hardware will wait until the acquisition and conversion is done(like an interrupt)before acquiring the next data.IF the software is used to control this, the timing will be slower, hence the hardware should be doing this and how to use the software to ask the hardware to
do this?

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I'm not sure if I quite got your question, when you say acquisition and convertion, but, if you wnat to set an interrupt like acquisition, you have the option on looking at the Config_DAQ_Event_Message NI-DAQ funcion if you are programming the board by using NI-DAQ functions calls, or at the DAQ Occurence if you are using Labview to program the board. Then you can select the type of occurence which will generate the interrupt.
Hope this helps.
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