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input signal between -/+10V, but output is wrong

yes, i am using the PCI-6023, input signals is between the range of +/-10V. But the output signal of DAQ is wrong, and can not display the siganl as it should be.
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Hi lvg,

You have posted similar questions (I think) more than once and I still do not have enough info to be able to help you. I believe others would say the same. If you want assistance, please provide enough information to allow us to do exactly that.

Please answer as many of these questions as possible.

When you say "the output signal is wrong" are you refering to an output voltage is wrong or
is a displayed value is wrong?

What kind of software are you using when this "output" is wrong?
If is software you have developed yourself, what environment did you develop it in (i.e. LabVIEW, C++, CVI, VB, or other)?

If is software from NI, what is it called (i.e. MAX, LabVIEW examples....)?

If it is NI software, what version is it?

Does anything
seem to work correctly?

If this is code you developed yourself, please post an example so we can take a look at it.

I can generally answer most of the questions posted to this exchange, but your recent questions have me completely baffled.

Just trying to help you get the help you want.

Retired Senior Automation Systems Architect with Data Science Automation LabVIEW Champion Knight of NI and Prepper LinkedIn Profile YouTube Channel
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You will need to provide us more information on what exactly is happening with your Analog Output.
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