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how to install ni-daqmx 19 on centos7

os : centos 7.5

ni linux driver : The installation proceeded as described on the web page, but comes with NI-DAQmx 9.7 version as below.


$ lsni -v
Scanning localhost for devices...

System Configuration API Experts found:
NI-DAQmx 9.7 (daqmx)
NI Device Interconnect Manager 19.5.0 (nidim)
NI-CONTROLLER 19.5 (ni-controller)
NI-MXI 19.5 (ni-mxi)
NI PXI Platform Services 19.5 (ni-pxi)
NI-QPXI 19.5 (ni-qpxi)
NI Network Browser 19.0 (network)
NI MX Routing Utility 19.5.0 (nimru)
NI System Configuration 19.5 (nisyscfg)
NI-VISA 19.0 (ni-visa)
NI-RTSI 19.0 (rtsi)

System Configuration API resources found:
--Primary Expert: NI System Configuration 19.5


And the usb device is not recognized.


What I want is to upgrade to NI-DAQmx 19.5, please help


used device : cDAQ-9171, 9230 module

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Hello, painstar325.


Did you notice the installation requirement in description category?

I am pinning screenshot for you. Would be interesting for me to know the results after that step from you.



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Also, for your information, your chassis is not supported on daqmx 19.5. Attaching that link and screenshot.

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