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how to format the hard drive on sbRIO-9632

How to format the hard drive on sbRIO-9632 device?

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 Hi FPGA-hadija, to format the controler you just need to go to MAX (Measurment and Automation Explorer) select the sbRIO on the romote devices list, right clik it and select format. in this link you can find a more detailed tutorial


Tut - Reformatting a CompactRIO Real-Time Embedded Controller


Best Regards

Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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I have a problem with my NI robotics starter kit 2.0, and I want to format the sbRIO 09632. Is there any physical methode to format it ???



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There is no switch or button press procedure that will allow you to format as this requires external software. You will need to do this in MAX or programmatically with your own application. You can, however, reset the device into Safe Mode using the reset switch. See the product manual for further details on this procedure.

David C
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Thx David,


Actually I solved the problem. The IP adress should be static in the safe to allow the connection with MAX, I think the DHCP doesn't launch in the safe mode.

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Hi Sifou,

I have same problem with you..Can you eloborate how you solve your problem? How to set static ip?


Thank You

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Can you give us more information about what problem you are having? To add on to Sifou's post, you actually do not have to set a static IP address in order to reboot your sbRIO in safe mode and reformat. You can do it in DHCP mode as well. If you want to set a static IP, you can follow the instructions in this link:


Configure CompactRIO With a Static IP Address


While the instructions are for a cRIO, it should still work for a sbRIO.


J. Calvert

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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