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how to communicate with PLC(7-214) throgh com1 in Labview5.1?

In Labview5.1 how to communicate with PLC(S7-214) through com1?Should the data be paritified? if it is necessary ,how to do it?please you help me !thanks!
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If the company that makes the PLC provides an OPC server, Labview can communicate to this using Datasocket. Here is a link describing this:

How Do I Use OPC in LabVIEW?

Also here is a tutorial on how to set this up:

Connecting LabVIEW to an OPC Server through a DataSocket Connection

Good Luck,

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One of the best methods would be to use an OPC Server to handle the communication to the PLC. Then, LabVIEW can talk to the OPC Server using DataSocket functions (or the DSC module, if the channel count is high). A general overview of this technique is described in the KnowledgeBase "Where Can I Find Drivers for Communicating to PLCs, RTUs, and Other Industrial Hardware", linked below. Also linked below are some articles specific to the S7 series PLCs.

I am assuming you are not using LabVIEW RT, even though this is posted in the "Real-Time Data Acquisition" group. So one warning - if you are indeed using RT, then the OPC solution will not work.

KnowledgeBase : Where Can I Find Drivers for Communicating to PLCs, RTUs, and Other Industrial Hardware:

KnowledgeBase: Siemens S7 PLC With HMI Adapter:

KnowledgeBase: Siemens S7_HMI OPC Driver: What is an HMI Adapter?

Greg Caesar
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