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help in Data logging using NI cRIO-9063

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hello everybody 
I need your help please 
I have issue in data logging 
there is no error in the code ... I used the default data directory to store the data in and unfortunately I can't find this path (/home/lvuser/natinst/labVIEW Data) 
so please where can I find it ???

thank you in advance 

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Accepted by topic author Mohammed86

That is the filepath within cRIO. To access it through your Windows PC, you either FTP or WebDAV into the cRIO. To enter through FTP, you need to install Legacy FTP Client to the cRIO through NI MAX if you haven't already, and then open Windows explorer and enter "ftp://CRIOIPADDRESS" (replace CRIOIPADDRESS with the actual IP address of your cRIO).

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thank you very much 
I solved the problem because of your help 
you deserve KUDO and mark your answer as a complete solution 

Thanks again 
best regards 

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