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hardware triggered acquisition into a DMA FIFO?

I have a cRIO with a 9205 32 channel analog input card. Can I set it up so that I can trigger off one of the analog channels, then dump XX amount of readings into the FIFO and up to the RT controller?
I'm trying to sort of simulate a scope but I don't need the super high speeds. I'm capturing two channels.  I just want to capture a window of data but I need to trigger off one of the channels. Does the cRIO offer this in the FPGA or do I need to do some type of software trigger?
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Hey Jeff, 

There are quite a few ways of doing this in FPGA. You can either use a Select function or a case structure along with a comparison function to set a desired value at which you would like your analog input to trigger the next step of acquisition. The comparison function will output a Boolean value that will trigger a case or a select, depending on your parameters.

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Aashish M
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Thanks Aashish, that sounds like something I can do quite easily. I will give it a try!



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