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fpga code for iir filter



I am using PCI 5640R IF RIO card.Currently we are trying to do FM modulation/demodulation.In the transmission chain,there is an IIR direct form II transposed (lowpass) filter.But this filter structure is not available in the fpga vi.Also we have only the forward and reverse coefficients of the transfer function.We will get the filter from these parameters by using the block ' dfd build filter from transfer function ' which is available only in the host vi.So we generated the fpga code for this filter from the host vi.(there is examples for labview fpga code generation in tthe example finder).But the problem is , when i select anyone of the four IIR options in the ' convert filter structure ' block, the ' labview fpga code generator' block gives an error like " The LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit does not support LabVIEW FPGA code generation for this filter structure." But it will work when i select FIR or IIR cascaded options.Can anybody know the answer?


Also if i select , ' integer code ' option in the ' labview fpga code generator ', it will work.So what is the difference between these two? I couldn't find any docs mentioning about this in detail.


One more qn.We have to split the input signal to I (cos) and Q(sin)in fpga..but these blocks are not available in fpga, but they are in the host vi.Is there any way to transfer these blocks to fpga? or how can i perform sin and cos in fpga?


kindly reply me..


Please find the attached vi.



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