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digital triggered analog acquisition and analog output

I need to acquire analog data(pre-triggered scans >0) on one of the analog input channels based on a digital trigger and simultaneously send out a 10 ms pulse on analog output channel.I'm using the NI 6052E DAQ card.
How do I synchronise the analog i/p and analog o/p based on the digital trigger ?
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You can synchronize the Analog Output based on the Analog Input operation and set the input to be triggered by the digital pulse. By doing that, the Analog Output will wait on the Input and the input will start only when the digital pulse comes in place. You can find good information on how to synchronize Analog Output with Analog Input by searching on our web site for the Application Note named "Advanced Synchronization Techniques for Data Acquisition". That App Note has a good example on how to accomplish that task.
Hope this helps.
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