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data through pci dio 96

Hi all,

I have an old program that runs in a system with Windows 98. The program was developed in labview 5.0 and I want to rebuild the program so that it can run in Windows xp/2000.

The program does not have a block diagram. Its just an .exe file so there is no way I can see the block diagram. The program communicates with a device(custom built for which I have no document) through a PCI DIO 96 card. Since there is no runtime even available for 5.0 that can be installed in an XP machine, I am not able to make it run in the system with Windows xp. I can write a new program only if I know what data is to be sent through the PCI DIO 96 card to communicate to the device. Is there anyway to SNIFF data through a PCI DIO 96 card sent by this application in Windows 98?

I really appreciate any help in this concern.

Thank you,


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Hi VJ,


Unfortunately, there is no software that I know of which can sniff data going through the PCI DIO 96 hardware without having the actual source code for your application. My only recommendation would be to use another PCI-DIO 96 or any other digital acquisition device to monitor the lines. If you would like, you can always try installing the runtime engine in Windows XP, but we cannot guarantee that this will work.


You can also take a look at the following forum posts which I found. 


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I hope this helps, 

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