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controlling valves and vacuum pomp with LABview

Hi all,


I am very new in the Labview. i want to control valves and vacuum pomp for automating my experiment. But i couldn't find which type valves i can use. Valves inlet and outlet should be 1/4". Thanks in advance. 



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Hi, I don't have a deep knowledge about valve but want to know,

How are you going to control the valve?


Pulse? Analog Signal? Any defined protocol?

If you have a question about valve, why don't you ask your question to valve vendor.

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The valves should be defined based on what your experiment requires - what is the fluid, what are flow/pressures, do you want on-off control (solenoid valve) or to continuously regulate something (proportional valve), speed of response, normall-open or normally-closed, etc. Only once you have that defined can you work out what IO modules are needed to drive the valves, and after that what the software needs to do.


I've just done a simple lab scale test rig with six small Cole Parmer Pinch Solenoid valves (which do go up to 1/4" piping) and whcih was able to be driven directly by a NI c-series module (9476) and an external 24vDC supply - so quite a simple set up.

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