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compilation error in cRIO 9075


 i  am working with cRIO 9075 and NI 9201C series module. I created a program to read analog input value of 3V from external supply. when i trie to ru  the code, " LabVIEW FPGA: The compilation failed due to a Xilinx error" is occured. I have attached the compilation error along with this.  Please give me  a hand on this.



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i solved that problem. The error was with the installtion of FPGA module. I reinstalled it and it is solved.




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when i run in scan mode i get the error that the labview in host computer is different than that of the target which is running in. can anyone help me. am using cRIO 9075 module 9201.

And also when i connect that 9201 module AI0 to waveform chart red dot appears in junction node

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