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[cRio] 9063 - First Analog Input FPGA program


[cRio] 9063 - First Analog Input FPGA program

Dear All


I am quite new in FPGA programming. I read the FULL CRIO DEV GUIDE. I am using Labview 2017 and CRIO 9063 and NI9205.

I don't have any problems with communicating with NI 9402 and creating vi using in/out from 9402.


My plan is to create acquisition/control program for four signals (f>1kHz), four digital outputs and 6 signals (DC or AC 50 Hz).


1. Quick question why i don't have an option to set a voltage range for 9205? (screenshots in attachment).


2. 2nd quick question when I am using a FXP type from AI0 - is this value in volts? Is it automatically adjust based on voltage range which I would like to set in point 1 Smiley Happy ?

3.. I created a simple test circuit (schema below). I tried to measure a simple 50 Hz sine signal from Textronix signal generator. I set a frequency to 50 Hz and Vpp from 0.5 V to 3 V.

The signal which I received is most of time nothing and sometime something similar to sine but the signal is cut off on values -1,1 (no matter what value is set on signal generator).


Where is the issue? I spend a lot, lot of time trying to fix it. I will be glad if someone can help me. 


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Re: [cRio] 9063 - First Analog Input FPGA program


  1. There is range settings. You can't see the setting?
     How Do I Correctly Use Differential Mode on an NI-9205, NI-9206 or NI-9209 On My CompactRIO?
    Right click on NI 9205 in Project Explorer and select "Property"

  2. 9205 returns voltage data. You shouldn't transfer acquired data using I16 FIFO. Use FXP corresponding to AI data type.
    Default, the FXP type is <+/- 26,5>. You can know the type using Detailed Help (Ctrl + H).

  3. I believe using FXP may resolve this problem
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