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cRIO startup application in Configuration mode, not Active mode

I'm supporting a LabVIEW RT application running on a cRIO 9067 with two 9144 EtherCAT chassis. Lately, whenever the cRIO is powered on and the startup application runs, it starts in configuration mode. Previously, it would start in active mode. This isn't hard to fix, I just go in to the Distributed System Manager and change it to active, but I'd like to not have to do that.


Is it normal to have to include a call to Set Scan Engine Mode in a startup VI to change it to active mode every time it starts up? That's my next step, but it wasn't necessary before.


This roughly coincides with upgrading the software from 2014 to 2019. Around that same time, my LabVIEW RT and FPGA modules had somehow been corrupted and I had to reinstall them. I'm wondering if I changed something when troubleshooting that that could be causing this problem.

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