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cRIO processor goes to 100% and application freezes

Hi everyone,


I have troubles with my application but first things first. I am collecting data on FPGA, send it to RT application and from there via streams to Host PC where data is stored. Everything was working properly, until I have added communication with NI-9853 - CAN Card. Sending values with this card executes properly, troubles started when I started to read values from CAN. At the beggining I am reading values from CAN and sending them properly, but after some time (this time is random, sometimes 5 min, sometimes 4 hours), cRIO freezes, on Host PC I am collecting errors from stream communication, cRIO is not responding, without restart I cant even connect with it. I was monitoring cRIO resources and noticed that one of the procesor core usage goes to 100% while other cores drop to 0. Do you have any ideas what could be the reason of this problem? I am adding pictures of CAN read logic.


This subVI on CAN Read RT picture is just operation on bits.

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I have uploaded 2 different previous versions and this problem occured anyway. So it's not CAN Read fault. Still does anyone has any idea what could be the reason of this problem?


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