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cRIO not showing up in MAX, but it responded to a PING

The Power, LINK/ACTIVE, and 10/100 LEDs are lit on the cRIO. The cRIO is plugged into my NI Chassis via a crossover cable. I started up MAX and nothing appeared under Remote systems. I tried refreshing and nothing showed up. I successfully pinged the cRIO. MAX still does not list in under Remote Systems and when I try to add it in (right click on remote systems>create new) I select Remote VISA device and enter the IP of the cRIO it says it already exists as a MAX remote system, and to configure it, go to the VISA options>remote page. I did this and it gives me the same response. My cRIO and Chassis are on the same subnet, and obviously they can communicate with each other.

I have LV 8.2, NI Vision and the FPGA module installed.

Please help, as I have a deadline on this wednesday.

Thanks in Advance,
Jack Minardi
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It turned out I did not have NI RIO installed. I was told that it was included with the FPGA module. Oh well, atleast I have it installed and working now.
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