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cRIO no longer visible in MAX after deleting and refreshing

I'm using LV 8.6 and a cRIO 9002.  I had a list of several cRIO's that were showing up in MAX under remote systems. I deleted these from the view, then hit refresh. Now I see nothing. Why is this? How do I get them back?

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Hi Jeff,


Have you tried closing and re-opening MAX?  When you load MAX and expand the Remote Systems entry, MAX will re-scan for NI hardware on the same subnet.  This should getyour devices back in the list.

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I found the problem. It was the fact that I had BOTH the wireless AND hardwired networks connected (Laptop).


Once I either disabled wireless OR unplugged the network cable, everything worked fine.


Apparently Max has trouble with parallel paths lol 🙂




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Hi Jeff,


The fact that you have both NICs enabled and connected should not stop you from discovering all your target. I would like to identify the root of your problem. For this i would like some details about how your computer is set-up:

 - what version of windows do you have?

 - do you use dhcp for both your connection?

 - your routing table (with both NICs connected); you can get that by typing "route print" in the command prompt

 - what network cards are you using?

 - do your rt-targets use dhcp?

That would be great info to have for now.

Thank you,



Ioan Cornea,

Software Engineer

National Instruments

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Thanks for the response Ioan.


Here are your answers as best as I can give you:


Windows XP.

Yes DHCP for both connections.

attached picture of "route print" command

I don't know what cards, it's a Dell Precision M65 if that helps.

No the RT targets are all static.


We have two virtual networks. One is 10.100.15.xx the other is 10.100.14.xx. This was done to isolate the test equipmnent. I do not know the inner workings of this. I do know that my PC uses DCHP and gets a .15 address. The RT controllers all use a static .14 address.


When both the hard wired network and wireless are active on my laptop, even Labview locks up at the start up. If I disable one or the other, Labview fires up just fine.


Once Labview is running and/or once I've successfully "viewed" the RT targets from MAX, I can re-enable the networks and it seems to be ok but I don't have time to verify this fully.


Overall, when both networks are enabled, I get intermittent operation (sometimes the RT's show up in Max, sometimes they don't).


Hope this helps.






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Thanks for the info.


It may be because i'm new to this forum, but i can't find the attached picture with your route print.


Ioan Cornea,

Software Engineer

National Instruments

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lol no it's because I'm a moron  and forgot to attach it.


here you go 🙂

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I would like a route print with both your connections enabled. I think that you have sent had only with one connection enabled. also, after you enable both connections, please run "ipconfig" in the command promt. I would like to see the output of that as well.

Thank you for your cooperation. I hope that asking all these data, doesn't bother you.

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This is connected to our public wireless. We also have several other wireless nodes that I can connect to that are secured.


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