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cRIO goes to safe mode after modifying grubenv

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Hi all,


I modified /boot/grub/grubenv, changed hostname=xxx to FQDN (e.g. instead of crio1 to cRIO boots fine for the first reboot, but for the second briefly enters run mode, just to reboot and it starts in safe mode.


I see log files in safe mode in /mnt/userfs/var/log (/mnt/userfs seems to be mounted on the big runtime partition). I don't see a reason why cRIO started in safe mode. cRIO/LabView 18.5 if that matters.


How can I debug that? And how I can legally specify FQDN, so hostname will show it instead just local name?



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Accepted by topic author lsstpkubanek

The problem was related to removal of SWS - see [STARTUP] ValidateStartup=False in ni-rt.ini fixed the cRIOs.

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