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cRIO deployment with SoftMotion

Hi all,

today, for the first time, I wanted to deploy my RT project with SoftMotion Axis to cRIO. I encountered 2 issues that I am unable to resolve.

1. Issue is this:

























I am not sure how to handle this. On the internet I read to resolve it I should Deploy All but I have some VIs that I do not want to be deployed at this time and are not needed to run program I want to deploy.


2. issue:


After pressing Apply on the 1st issues, deployment starts but at the end I get this error.



I spent good amount of time investigating what could be the problem. I can easily deploy project without SM Axis and it works, so I suppose problem could be the axis (tried to create example project with axis and got the same issue).

As a reference you can see all the SW installed on cRIO.


We are using LV 2017 x32. 


Thank you for all the help,


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