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cRIO appears in MAX but can't see it in LabVIEW, why?

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I've been tasked with hooking up a cRIO-9012.  I can see it in MAX, buy cannot see it in LabVIEW.  LabVIEW is aware of a PXi-8195 installed on the same network, but it doesn't seem to find the cRIO.  While setting it up in MAX, I got the following warning; "... subnet mask you entered places the target and the gateway in two different subnets ...".   The gateway is not specified, so I'm not clear on what this means.  I can ping the cRIO from the command line, and it appears in MAX, so it is visible on the network.  LabVIEW just doesn't see it when I try to add it to my project.  Any thoughts?
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What exactly do you mean when you say LabVIEW doesn't see it. In Project Explorer, if you right-click on the Project and do New->Targets and Devices, do you see the Real Time CompactRIO directory there? Have you installed software in the right order, ie, LabVIEW then LabVIEW RT and then the drivers?
Adnan Zafar
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I recommend correcting the "subnet mask you entered places the target and the gateway in two different subnets" error message from MAX. This should correct the problem of LabVIEW not being able to find the target.


Can you use a DHCP server to assign an IP address? If not, can you follow the standards IP settings of your host PC to provide a proper subnet mark and gateway?



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What I mean by 'LabVIEW doesn't see it', is that right clicking on the Project and selecting New->Targets and Devices does not have a compact RIO directory.  So, your assumption on that point is correct. 


The system that I'm working on already had LabVIEW insatlled, so I'm not sure of the order in which it was installed.  It had previously been used with the PXi, so I'm guessing that the RT functionality is there.  I installed the drivers that came with the cRIO (version 2.4.1).  I noticed a thread below that talked about drivers, but the version I loaded was 2.4.1 which is newer than what was talked about.  There is a 3.0 driver now, which I will get loaded here shortly.

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Accepted by fpdriscoll

I'm guessing you are looking at something like this?


This happens when NI-RIO is not associated with your LabVIEW installation. What version of LabVIEW are you running? NI RIO 2.4.1 supports up to LabVIEW 8.5.1, if you are using 8.6 you must use NI RIO 3.0 or above.

If this is not the case, simply installing NI RIO 3.0 will likely fix the issue.


As far as the subnet thing goes:

The reason a device on a different subnet does not show up in the "Existing target or device" list in LabVIEW is because it that only going to search the same subnet your computer is on. If it was to search all possible IP address, it would take... forever. This is one of the reasons subnets were created in the first place. If your cRIO and your computer are in different subnets, LabVIEW will not automatically find it. You can add it manually by selecting "Existing device on remote subnet" and typing in the IP address. Or you can go back to MAX and place them on the same subnet.

Stephen B
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O.k. it's showing up now.  I have LabVIEW 8.6, and this apparently does required the 3.0 driver.  The software on the cRIO must also be updated to the 3.0 level.  I haven't tried aquiring data yet, but at least I can add it to my project.


Thanks everyone!  The feedback came much faster than I expected.

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