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cRIO and Analog Output using Python

Hello everyone,


I am using NI cRIO-9063 device and I want to generate an analogue voltage output from NI 9264 Module with the help of nidaqmx library in Python. I have tried the code given below but did not get any result. the device is not detected actually. 


Have anyone worked with it, please help!


import nidaqmx


with nidaqmx.Task() as task:
data =
print (data)



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You cannot see it on the NI MAX as well? Try checking the test panel, if this doesn't work you may be having driver problems.

If you have issues with connecting with the python code, you could try using the system functions in your code, to check if the port connections/channels are set ? Or switch the lights on/off to check if the connection is there?

nidaqmx.system — NI-DAQmx Python API 0.5.0 documentation (




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