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cRIO MAX connection issue with Win10 Recent update 9-2019

We've recently had 4 of our Win10 systems running LV Real-time unable to connect in any way to cRIO's. They cannot discover a new chassis, or connect to a known configured chassis.

After many hours of unsuccessful debugging we discovered the following:


We discovered that the 'RIO Service Settings' in MAX were stopped and further, set to 'Manual' Start-up. 


This could have happened during a Win10 update or a NI Update.


What makes this a problem is the 'Remote Systems' Troubleshooting Discovery utility crashes with a generic error code, and is not coded to detect that the RIO Services are not running...


What we did to repair:

1. Turn OFF windows Firewall, including the '3rd' Domain firewall. [Do this for the first repair attempt]

2. Run MAX as 'Admin' under Win10 [Right-click on the MAX icon and select 'Run as Admin'

3. From the MAX 'My System' pane; Set the 'RIO Services' as follows.9-2019 cRIO Services Stopped in MAX.png


Once this was done, we were able to successfully connect to cRIO chassis.


Regards [With a few hairs left in my head]

Jack Hamilton



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Thanks for posting this! Hopefully it comes up useful for someone in the future facing the same problem!

Connor W.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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